Our Services


Audio Systems

Powers Electronics seeks to add seamless luxury to your living space. We understand how critical it is to design a sound system that incorporates both aesthetic architectural qualities and the sonic qualities needed to complete your project at world-class standards. By choosing Powers Electronics to integrate audio throughout your home you will add luxury and value that will long be appreciated.

Centralized Control Systems

Centralized Control systems are the intelligence of your home. They consist of hardware and software components driving your homes infrastructure. These systems interconnect your homes sub-systems such as lighting control systems that automate beautiful lighting scenes, audio/Video control systems that simplify complex technologies into one touch user interfaces such as touchscreen keypads or wireless touchscreen remotes or HVAC systems integrated to simplify and schedule climate control. Quality control systems have the ability to be integrated together so that all-important functions can be achieved from one UI (User interface). With this we can now eliminate “Wall Clutter” by getting rid of the banks of light switches, thermostats etc. and only have to see one simple control panel that simplifies access to all of you homes sub-systems. At Powers Electronics we truly understand what a properly installed and programmed control system can do your your home.

Network Systems

Now more than ever it is critical that a properly designed network be incorporated into your home.  Powers Electronics incorporates quality enterprise grade network equipment and quality UL tested cabling to insure your network is rock solid and designed to handle the increasing demands of our ever changing technology.


vIDEO Systems

Our video systems might consist of bleeding edge technologies blended into the architecture of your home. Perhaps a hidden LED display in your kitchen or a pop up display at the foot of your bed.  The design possibilities are wide open. By including distributed video you now have the ability to share video sources throughout the home, for example one might be streaming you favorite new series in the family room and decide to move to the master bedroom. By having a distributed video system we can continue watching the family media in the bedroom. Quality video systems beautifully and discretely integrated into millwork add an important backbone into the modern home. Powers Electronics knows the possibilities and will work closely with designers and builders to make sure no details are left out.  

Media Rooms

For the ultimate media room experience. Powers Electronics will design your dream theater. Considerations include interior design, acoustic engineering and equipment selection. Powers Electronics will work with you from start to finish to insure your highest expectations are met.


Building a robust wiring infrastructure that is ready to handle the technologies of the future is one of the key considerations that should be taken when building a new home. Unfortunately this effort is often overlooked. In order to make sure that your home has the proper cabling we make extreme efforts in designing your wiring infrastructure. Our designs utilize many different cabling technologies including, structured cable systems, Category 6 (Communication Cable), fiber optic and a multitude of other broadcast grade cables. With careful design work Powers Electronics is able to supply clients with a clean precision install that will meet or exceed the requirements of the future.